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Frequently Asked Questions

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a precise therapy that can accurately diagnose hormone imbalances and naturally restore the body to optimal functioning.

At the time of your first appointment with Dr. Dupuis, you will be given a lab test requisition form for specified salivary or blood tests.  If your clinician requests a salivary test, there will be a saliva test “kit” to take home with you, which you will send to the lab to be tested.
  • Mail–Monday to Thursday- Not on a Friday because the specimen will sit all weekend and spoil.
  • You will have either blood or saliva testing is done to evaluate your hormone levels.  This will depend on your symptoms and medical history.
  • Blood lab tests – for hormone evaluation are covered by OHIP.  You will receive a blood lab requisition form from our inhouse MD via email. Please print off the form and take the copy + your OHIP card to the lab for your blood draw.
  • ***Blood tests are our preferred lab test.
  • Saliva lab tests – Once you receive your saliva hormone kit, you will pay for the testing at that time (prices range from $225- $450).  After 2 weeks from the date of mailing, New Life Integrative Health Centre will receive the results which can be discussed with you.
  • The patient may submit their own receipts to their insurance company directly if they wish to.  Some insurance companies may cover the BHRT prescriptions.

Results take approximately 7 to 10 days from the time the lab receives your specimen/samples. Lab results will be sent directly to New Life Integrative Health Centre, at which time you will book a follow-up appointment with your doctor to go over results and suggestions for your customized BHRT prescription therapy.

  • BHRT will help you feel like yourself again, even through the ups and downs of hormonal change.
    • FOR WOMEN – BHRT will decrease hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia and will improve energy, memory and libido, and weight management.
    • FOR MEN  – BHRT will increase your muscle mass, memory, stamina, energy, and libido.
    • We teach disease prevention and show you how to increase your quality of life.
  • With accurate testing, we can track your hormone levels and optimize them.
  • Monitor hormone levels over time so therapy can be adjusted sooner rather than later
  • Patients who benefit from BHRT are as young as 16 years old (severe issues with periods), right up to 90 years old.  Our hormone levels drop 1 to 3% per year once we hit the age of 30 years old. So it is wise to get tested sooner rather than later, so the doctor can have a baseline measure of where your hormones levels are naturally at.

The clinical program includes baseline hormone measurement of saliva is used to determine a baseline profile of your hormone levels. Estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, adrenals and cortisol evaluation is recommended for women; estradiol, testosterone, DHT, DHEA, and cortisol for men. Individual hormone and thyroid testing plus Urine NTx Boneloss Assessment are also available.

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