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Your Neurotransmitter Communication Systems

Your brain communicates with your body and your body communicates with your Brain (interal organs, muscles, and other cells). It does this via hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemical messengers. The key word here is messenger’s. Your Hormones are chemical messengers, your Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers, etc...

These Neurotransmitters control our thoughts, mood, behavior, cognitive functions, energy levels, intestinal functions, blood flow, immune response, sleep patterns, appetite, libido, metabolism, pain perception and pain tolerance, vision, and well being.

The problem is that 86% of North Americans have Sub-Optimal levels or inefficiencies of one or several Neurotransmitters. This is mostly due to Inflammation, Stress, and Nutrient deficiencies

Currently there are no reliable blood or Urine tests to correctly measure Neurotransmitter levels.  The best test is through a behavioral Questionnaire because your Neurotransmitters will determine your behaviour.

Once we have identified your Dominant Neurotransmitters we can begin to optimize your health through lifestyle modifications. (Diet, Exercise, Supplementation and Hormones)

So if your Interested in finding out how to optimize your Neurotransmitters and health please contact the office and ask for the questionnaire.

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